By | January 20, 2019

Earlier, I Discussed About Broad Categories Of Waste, But Let Me Remind You We See A Lot Amount Of Waste In Our Day-To-Day Life So, Here Is A Catch The Waste Pile Of Waste We See Around Ourself Get’s Accumulated In Unorganized Manner That Needs To Be Organized Properly & Carefully. So, Today I Will Discuss A Little Bit About Types Of Waste.

Earlier, Category of Waste are Organic & Inorganic Waste both of them sub-category as well which are as follows;

Organic Waste(Bio-Degradable); In-Organic Waste(Non-Biodegradable)

Sub-Category Waste consists of various types of waste which are Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable in Nature such as, Farming Waste and Industrial Waste respectively.

Biodegradable Waste: Waste which can be degraded in elemental form by the action of micro-organisms presents in nature in due course of time without providing any harm to nature are known as Biodegradable waste.

Non-Biodegradable Waste: Waste which cannot be degraded into elemental form by the action of micro-organisms present in nature and also causes harm’ to nature are known as Non-Biodegradable waste.

Sub-Category Of Organic Waste(Bio-Degradable): Farming Waste, Household Waste(mainly Eatables), Municipal Waste, Dairy Waste, and so on… all these types of waste which easily decomposed with actions of micro-organisms consists to sub-category of waste.

Sub-Category Of In-Organic Waste(Non-Biodegradable): Industrial or Commercial Waste, Medical Waste, Plastic Waste, Radioactive Waste, Hazardous Waste and So on… all these types of waste which are require special methods to decompose or differentiate into simpler compounds or molecules to get back into eco-system are known as in-organic waste.

Not only this there are several other wastes as well like petroleum waste, petro-chemical waste and so on…, I will try explain it to you as much as I can to understand how much harm these waste cause if not treated well.

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