Earlier, I Discussed About Broad Categories Of Waste, But Let Me Remind You We See A Lot Amount Of Waste In Our Day-To-Day Life So, Here Is A Catch The Waste Pile Of Waste We See Around Ourself Get’s Accumulated In Unorganized Manner That Needs To Be Organized Properly & Carefully. So, Today I Will… Read More »


Waste Are Categorized In Two Types Mainly: ORGANIC & INORGANIC WASTE ORGANIC WASTE Waste Produced by Humans and Animals (Aquatic or Non-Aquatic) is organic waste and produced during various activities performed by above ones, organic waste is biodegradable waste such as Agricultural Waste(e.g.- Crop Residue) & Dairy Waste(e.g.- Cattle Dung, Water Waste and so on).… Read More »


Waste Management or Waste Disposal are all steps & efforts that we take in our day-to-day life to carefully dispose off the waste that we have produced in the form of things that we think are waste for us or have no use in our life now, without understanding the harmful effect of the waste… Read More »

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